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Kline City Center


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40 minutes ago, vicupstate said:

TIFs are used long after the investment corner has been turned. As long as the public uses and owns the improvements, and a significant private investment is in tandem, I don't see a problem. 

Bear in mind that TIFs come at the expense of contributions to the school system and support for broader city services. I think we can reasonably say that people living in the apartments will likely be younger and not heavily use the former, but taking that land out of the city's general tax base is unnecessary. The parking would really only benefit the Kline development (the museum has its own parking and nothing else that's very walkable from that site) and the city would still likely lose money off of the proposition. Again, that land does not need any help to get developed- it is already economically feasible.

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A public plaza that adds walk-ability and encourages private investment would be reasonable.  A parking garage that would only serve the apartments would not be appropriate but it is facilitated other projects/needs it would not be unreasonable.  The school issue is offset IMO if the future revenues would only be expected with the public investment. 

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Hopefully third time's the charm for the Kline site.

In its first phase, the project will include 250 hotel rooms in the upscale AC Hotels brand from Marriott that will have a rooftop bar.  A second hotel is included in a later stage. Plans developed by the Windsor/Aughtry Co. of Greenville also include about 75,000 square feet of office space, 35,000 feet for commercial/retail development and a 307-space parking garage that is open to the public. No date to start construction has been announced. The garage and other improvements, including sidewalks, will be counted as public infrastructure, creating a tax break for the project under a joint program of the city and Richland County introduced last year. The developer will be entitled to a 50 percent tax credit for the dollars it spends on improvements that benefit the public. 

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