For the fun of it, I'll post the ideas I would have if Nashville was to host the Olympics. Not that I think we should ever push for the Olympics (for a myriad of reasons), but this is purely an exercise in fantasy. Feel free to add your own ideas, but as this is a fantasy proposal, and the Olympics has been discussed before, please don't make it a thread to host the merits of hosting the Olympics (that has been discussed before). But feel free to add your own ideas or critiques.    -New Olympic Stadium in the current Titans parking lot. The current stadium would be razed in favor of a parking garage that has green space on top (essentially public park land). This would serve the major track and field events as well as soccer matches (and obviously ceremonies) -Bridgestone Arena would not be razed, but extensively renovated. The location is too valuable. It would obviously serve as the basketball and gymnastics venue. -Municipal Auditorium would be available for small/medium sized events. -Centennial Sportsplex would be transformed into a series of large venues for swimming, tennis, field hockey, etc. -Rather than natural whitewater, an artificial course would be created in the hills of NW Nashville. -Equestrian would naturally take place at Percy Warner Park. -Rowing would take place on either Old Hickory or J Percy Priest Lake (not sure which would be better for such). For the most part, venues would be constructed on existing public property, and either renovating or outright using existing venues. "Olympic Village" would be on the (former) scrapyard site on the east bank. Not only would it have easy access to Olympic Stadium, but could continue after use as an apartment district.