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Converting Lexington street, to Private Street?


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Just wondering about this.

Lexington street NW between First and Second streets on the NW side and next to Rockford Construction. Was a public street, now recently it seems to have become "Not a through street" complete with bumps and signage. The street signage is gone. Appears to have become essentially a private parking lot for Rockford?

Used to drive it home everyday, now I feel like I am trespassing if I do so.

How does one go about this process? I'd like to convert my street to private as well. Is it just a form or something I have to fill out, and then buy the signs?



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There are legal processes to convert public right of ways to private ownership. Typically the governing agency ie Road Commission or city require all the adjacent property owners agree to the transfer. In the case of a platted ROW, the court splits it, half going to each owner unless the owners agree to something different.

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Here's an example. GRCC applied to have Bostwick vacated. Nearby property owners were asked to comment, object or support. 

I guided the opinion for FSC since a) the parking deck, which we are allowed to use sometimes, has other egresses, and b) the street is not an access point for us. It was amusing explaining the term "vacation" in this context.

You need a pretty good reason and buy-in from adjoining owners, as well as those within 300'. Our fair city would schedule the public hearings and send out the notifications for you. And they have their own sign shop.


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