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Help finding info on specific property


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I need a little help on how to find information from some of you folks with more experience. Here's the situation;


A surveyor knocked on my door and informed me he was surveying my property and the two lots beside me. He said a builder has/plans to purchase the two lots beside me, knock down the two existing houses to build four. The lots were never publicly "for sale", that is, no signs were ever in the yards. I checked the property maps and they have not officially been "sold", according to the latest info I can find. I talked to the renters there and they have been given 30 days to vacate. I would like to find who the potential developer is, but so far nothing seems to be official. I want to stay ahead of the game so I thought I would keep my eyes on the demo/building permits, and the deeds office, but I don't know how to search by a specific property, or set an "alert" when some transaction occurs. FYI, my council person has been little help, so I'm not counting on that route. 

I'm hoping that a responsible developer is buying this next door. But we know how that goes and I'm willing to take legal action on a couple of items if need be. Problem is, I don't know WHO I'll be dealing with, therefore legalities are impossible. We know how these things go; Property is quietly purchased, demo permit is quietly pulled and the next morning, before I even know what's happening, dozers are tearing my trees down. Then later, I'll get an "oops, sorry, we'll plant new ones for you". I want to make sure this doesn't happen, but I just can't find much info.


If anyone can help, I really appreciate it. And if you need the exact addresses, I can PM it. 


Thanks in advance!

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