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Cambria Suites Hotel|255 Room|19 Stories|200 feet


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Any rendering yet?  I've seen some interesting looking Cambria Suites around.  Hopefully we'll get a decent design that is appropriate for it's location in the middle of downtown.  If this thing comes with a drive way, parking lot, and one of those corny cliche' 'corner towers,' I will not be pleased.

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2 minutes ago, Nashville Cliff said:

The image in these links looks oddly reminiscent of the UMPH building currently being demolished. Appropriate, in a way.

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I want the Next Door site built on before the Luthren Church lot. The Baptist church has not had any information on that lot for sometime now.

I believe Tony would still be interested in that location, and we all know he has got plans for his next project somewhere . I spoke to him briefly yesterday, but he was tight lipped and rightfully so. 

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  • smeagolsfree changed the title to Cambria Suites Hotel|255 Room|14-19 Stories|200 feet|Prep

^ ^ ^  Great news on the Cambria!  It appears they added another 30 or so rooms to what was originally announced.  So glad this will be in the 19-story range.  I never really thought the 8-10 story projections made much sense considering the site is basically only a quarter of that entire block.  19 will be good massing for that area, and gives hope that there will be 30+ story structures on the NW and NE corners of Demonbreun and 8th someday, as well as something stout a block further east on Demonbreun between 7th and 6th (currently the parking lot behind First Baptist). Will these all be hotels?  Most likely not--but I could see several more 500-800 room big boys being projected, and these would be prime locales. Between the Cambria, Westin, Turnberry Marriott, The Joseph, Holiday Inn, Marriott Tri-Brand, and the dozen or so smaller boutiques and rebuilds in CDB/SoBro, this puts us at about 3,000 new rooms in the central core.  I still think there is reasonable call for another 1,500-3,000 to be able to fully accommodate the demand at the MCC, as well as the ever-growing tourist trade, sporting events, and business needs for downtown.

Looking forward to seeing a rendering soon.  : ) 

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  • dmillsphoto changed the title to Cambria Suites Hotel|255 Room|19 Stories|200 feet|Demo

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