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Dimensional Place (Common Market South End site)


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A friend sent me these. The rezoning for the monstrosity that will replace the Common Market block of Camden is in but isn't up on the City's rezoning website yet. I'm sure it will hit the fan quickly for so many reasons. Apparently it's being called "DC Charlotte Plaza." This makes me so sick I almost can't stand to look at it.

This will be considered a win for those that love contemporary suburban office architecture, large blank walls, and excessive lobby space on supposed retail corridors.










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I was thinking "Gateway" too when I saw it. I might be supportive of this project there, or on Morehead perhaps; it has a few interesting details and as plazas go this one is not too bad.
BUT this is so incredibly wrong for Camden, wrong for South End, and is the death of any hope of maintaining a semblance of charm in the area. 

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Question: look how much space is left over at this corner....why in the F couldn't they incorporate the existing buildings?

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 5.30.46 PM.png

And this is the first time I noticed the F$#*ing planting strips. WHY!!!!!!!!


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Who can we write too that is in a position to possibly influence this?  Will their be a public meeting at some point too?

Per the agenda article this morning 

What can we do?
Well this happens to be a unique opportunity where this hasn’t gone for rezoning review yet. I urge folks to contact the representative for the area (LaWana Mayfield, [email protected]), contact Dimensional, contact Cousins, and contact anyone with power who will listen. The state took away our right to protest petition, but that didn’t take away our right to be loud and stand up for what matters.


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Yeah, this is pretty terrible.

I wouldn't hate it somewhere else, but for this spot, it's really bad. If there was more retail on Tryon in the bottom of the parking garage, it might be mildly palatable.

Agreed on this sentiment.  I don't understand why they pursued this parcel.  I assumed they had a really specific design to take advantage of the acute angles, but they really ignored that, and could put this design anywhere.  Also, the planting strips are horrific.  At least give us sidewalks to back of curb with tree wells. 

That said, that is wood, not brick, and I actually think it will be an attractive building, but this clearly doesn't address the site well at all.  There is a 120' height limit for non UMUD parcels, so going twice the height  on this site would have been a hard sell given the proximity to single-family residential, just a matter of not setting precendence.

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