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Jim Creason

The Arthur Cottages

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smeagolsfree    7008

Hey Jim, welcome to the forum. We did meet in G town a few years ago just when your 5th and Garfield project was finishing up. That is by far my favorite small project in the city. I love the way it looks and you are a visionary for building that one.

One question with this development that I have, is this in HBV? I think it is and I try to get over thereon a semi regular basis.

Another question is, how is the Livery coming? If you cant say anything I understand as it would be privileged info.


Hope you can make to a meet so you can meet the gang.


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HGMIII    121


This project has been coming up quickly.  This project is in HBV and I believe Derek is running point on these two.  When I saw the unit color last week for the first time I initially thought it was black, but it is a deep Navy Blue.  

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