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Nashville Wedding Venues


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The Girl and I are in the preliminary stages of wedding planning, so I thought I'd ping you guys to see if you had any suggestions for good venues for a reception (or even the wedding itself). We're trying to keep this on a low budget, as we'd rather spend our money on a cool trip afterwards than a super glitzy event. The plan right now is to have BBQ catered, and ideally an event space that allows you to bring your own wine and beer.

Also looking for a photographer, and since I know we have a few photographers lurking about here, I'd love to get a quote from you guys if you do that sort of thing.

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I am currently in the final stages of the wedding planning process (good luck to you my friend)

In terms of venue, it really comes down to the style you guys want and the budget you are comfortable with.
We ended up going with One at Cannery Row, has an incredibly view of downtown, a cool industrial vibe to it....and you can do ceremony/reception all at the same place. If you have any questions on any venues feel free to ask because I promise I problem have been to them all with my fiance before we made our decision.


In terms of photography, I searched and searched for someone who I felt comfortable with and that also stayed within our budget. 
I used to be a professional photographer so quality and the amount of comfort working with the photographers was a prioritize for me.
We ended up going with http://www.affordablenashvilleweddingphotographers.com/
Dont let the name fool you, Anthony and his wife are an amazing team, incredibly accommodating and the results so far have exceeded my exceptions (all while staying below our budget). We just got our engagement session back and based on those results I would send anyone to them.

Again, I feel like I am very versed in this world right now (our wedding is in Feb) so feel free to ask any questions.

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Congrats on tying the knot buddy!

I obviously live out of the area and am not by any means an authority on this subject, but doesn't The Bridge Building on the East Bank have event space in it?  I've always thought that'd be a great spot for a formal event.  You could have Chris Holman take your wedding/skyline photos too!  ;)

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Wife and I did our ceremony/reception at aVenue, which is at 120 3rd Ave. I really liked the place and they let you bring your own food & drink. It's right downtown, which is what we wanted, as a large portion of our guest were out-of-towners. Everyone stayed at the same hotel within walking distance. 

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