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 Ok, long time no talk on this page, (actually a couple weeks ago somewhere on the forums) I have been forming a petition and promoting it a lot 

shameless plug here: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/let-skyplex-become-a-symbol-of-orlando-let


now, most here are citizens or familiar with Orlando, I myself am very much in favor of this project as an see it as a starting point for urban development (and Orlandoa first true skyscraper), but mainly as a source of or centerpiece that will eventually, in the long term connect I drive with...the city proper and urbanism (mid-high rise-skyscraper) development with a pedestrian friendly,economically expanding region. However when I see cities like Minniapolis St. Paul...I also wonder whether Orlando is heading toward that type of urbanism Downtown v. I drive...(I fear Downtown may be hurt) of course with the new PAC, Amway, Citrus Bowl; city hall, Library, Lake Eola and the countless new condos in development...a lot of residence could be built in that area, and sunrail will have a continuous line connecting both. So...my question besides the plug, do you think Orlando is best served as a local city v. Tourist city (I drive) or a full blown trail of urban development with some interruptions. Also how is the Orange County government essentially...pre planning a city? Or it could be a meaningless reference group for political shield from NIMBYS. I've heard a lot of buzz from people all over where I live talking about this project, and taking in Wallacks determination...this is too big to really disappear, imp....what would best serve Orlando and will Orange County (and Orlando) be able to "make" a city with a city already in place? 



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