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Riley completes 40 years as Mayor


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Joe Riley used velvet gloves and iron fists to build his Charleston

One correction to the article based on my personal knowledge. When Riley took office the city was 16 sq. miles. It HAD been 8 sq. miles when Palmer Gaillard took office and 16 when he left.   Also, the current size of 109 Sq. miles is out of date. It is 112 now.


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I first came to Charleston to visit my father who had retired here, and he drove me downtown to see what was becoming "Charleston Place". To say I was underwhelmed would be an understatement. Downtown was still pretty seedy in most parts and had little business traffic, so when I go down there now a days it just seems incredible, with block after block of stores, shops, and restaurants, not to mention the many wonderful public spaces. Like him or hate him, he set the stage for the city becoming a world class city.

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Great read!  Thanks!  Yes, we  <3 Joe and CHARLESTON.  King Street Mid-Town is better than ever!  Even the north part of Spring Street (north of King Street) is all cleaned up w/luxury condos/apartments & high-end restaurants and shops near Meeting Street/Eastside, an area that is no longer the same!  And The Pig (Piggly Wiggly) is gone, too...Had a great time in CHARLESTON during November...

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