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GE to move to Providence, Boston or New York.


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According to the Boston Globe.  How anti-business must Connecticut be if Massachusetts is considered to be a better place to run a company.  It's mind bobbling how badly Democrats have run the state. They have destroyed the economy. When will the voters ever wake up.

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Probably never! Economically CT will never get on track until we elect some pro-business governors. We're just two blue of the state for that to ever be possible again. Honestly I excepted it. More than likely I'll probably move down to Florida eventually, where the cost-of-living is much lower than here. A lot of my family has moved down there already.

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Unfortunately, I doubt Connecticut's voters will ever wake up. I wish the voters would at least give the state house to pro business politicians, but Liberals of both parties ( yes, the R are also to blame) will rather give voters 'free' stuff, but as Ms Thatcher said, "The trouble with Liberalism is that you will run out of other people's money."

I believe GE is just the first...look at the Fortune 500 from the 1980s and Connecticut headquartered companies and a 2015 Fortune 500. Granted Washington's taxes forced companies overseas, too.

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