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Twin Citian

Minneapolis – St. Paul: National / International Accolades

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Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the metro area as a whole have been getting a lot of positive press over the past few years.  I figured why not start a thread.

I'll start with this recent ranking:

Minneapolis Ranked No. 1 Absolute Top City in the US to Live In


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Minneapolis is the 5th Best Large College City in America


Downtown MPLS's North Loop Neighborhood Ranked in Fodor's Top 25 World Destinations




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Minneapolis Ranked 9th Best US City for Public Transit in 2015


Minneapolis - St. Paul Ranked 8th Best Metro Area for Women To Start a Business


Minneapolis - St. Paul Ranked 9th Best Metro Area for Accumulating Wealth


Minneapolis Ranked 7th Greenest City in America. St. Paul Ranked 13th


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2016’s Best & Worst Cities to Find a Job - WalletHub


Minneapolis ranks #14 and St. Paul #30

The Top 10 Public Transit Cities of 2016 - Successful Meetings


Minneapolis ranks #9

The Best Job Markets for 2016 - ZipRecruiter


The Minneapolis – St. Paul area ranks #8

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Minneapolis Ranked the 6th Best City for an Active Lifestyle


Minneapolis - St. Paul Ranked 5th Best Metro Area for STEM Professionals


Minneapolis - St. Paul Ranked Ranked the 12th Best Place to Live (12 out of the 100 most populous metro areas)


Minneapolis Ranked 5th - Top 10 U.S. Cities Where The Most 20-Somethings Are Buying Homes


Minneapolis Ranked 5th Best City for Recent Grads




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Minneapolis Ranked 2nd Fittest City


Minneapolis Ranked 2nd Best Destination for LGBT Travel in 2016


Minneapolis Ranked World's 6th Best City for Cycling


Minneapolis Ranked 5th Best City to Start A Career


Minneapolis Ranked 5th Best City for Young College Grads


Minneapolis Ranked 2nd Fittest American City in 2016



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