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I love that picture Martiman. The city lights up so well and the sky is absolutely beautiful in that pic. It looks so cosmopolitan. I wonder where it was taken from (a helicopter, the top of One Atlantic Center, somewhere else?)

I posted this earlier, but it got no or very little attention.

Here's one for today:


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From buckhead

A panoramic view looking west from just above the Old Fourth Ward...   A colourful Old Fourth Ward by Richard Cawood, on Flickr

I spent last weekend in your fair city (from Charlotte).  We saw, did, and ate a lot of good stuff, but this sunrise from the hotel was a bonus.  Auto-pano by google photos.

Posted Images

^Sorry I missed that one, IC!

Great shot! I really like the use of the leaves in the picture.

Thanks! I took that one from my car as I was coming home from Savannah (my family stopped at the Varsity to eat). It turned out pretty good considering the fact that it was almost dark and I didn't use long exposure.

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Oh ok... nothings wrong with a good ol' boxy building... that's basically all we have.
I used to work in the Equitable Building and still have a soft spot for it. My office had a terric view across Woodruff Park and north along Peachtree.

The Equitable a classic SOM building from the 1960's -- there are some further comments about it and links here.

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Impressive job finding the photo, NCB! It's so interesting to see such old pictures of Atlanta (especially the pre-Sherman ones).

Good ole' Google! :lol:

I agree that it is very interesting to see old photos of Atlanta. Atlanta has changed so much through the years that photos from as late as the 70's can make it look like an entirely different city. :huh:

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Here are some photos from my trip intown on Tuesday:

Progress on Central City Condos:




A townhome project we're doing in Decatur:



Decatur is serious about underground stormwater detention:


And my favorite new development in town, Glenwood Park:







What will become of this property (below) now that GP is moving along nicely?


Hope you all enjoy!


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