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Atlanta Photo of the Day

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Here are a couple of photos I took at and in transition to the Dogwood Festival at Piedmont Park Last Weekend. I have more but they are currently inaccessible, or are poor quality.

Some of the beautiful historic midtown homes. (A couple of blocks south of Midtown Promenade and Grady High School)




Some Skyline Shots From Within the Park



Unfortunately I was unable to get the shot with the Midtown and Skyline Lake Clara Meer in the frontground.

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^^ I know. I'm mad at myself for that. But exactly where in the park is that vantage point? I tried a couple, with the lake in it but either there were too many people in the way, or there would have been too much sun in the shot.

You mean something like this?


That's from the promenade directly across from the pier.

If you wanted to clear out the people, you should have screamed "Free Starbucks in the Meadow!" and watched them all scramble past you. :lol:

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Here are a few fun shots from last week. Thursday night was the Spring Taste of Newnan Event. It is a nice event that showcases Newnan's great downtown square and gives the local restauranteurs a chance to show their goods.

This event has grown quite popular. The local paper, the Newnan Times-Herald, stated that this year's event was attended by over 5,000!






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great pics. I was very pleased with the turnout this year and I believe Newnan is very lucky to have such a beautiful, historic, and vibrant town square. I was down there Saturday Night and you wouldn't believe the amount of people walking around and enjoying the town. It made me VERY happy. If we play our cards right, we could be the Next Decatur.

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Very interesting Newnan Eric, you post pics of Newnan's Square in response to my Marietta Square pictures. This is a town sqaure photo battle you will not win! j/k :silly: Anyway good shots, Newnan looks like another cool historic and authenic Greater Atlanta area.

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Here's a shot for today.

A few of you may remember a shot of some pigeons roosting on the Flatiron that I took a while back.

Anyways, a few weeks ago (when I went to the MLK Memorial) I went back to Fairlie-Poplar and ttook this shot.

Pigeons' Paradise 2:


What do you think?

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What do you think?

I don't know, IC. Other than all those handy ledges and cornices, I wonder what attracts all those birds to the Flatiron? Maybe there is a food source around there.

I will have to admit pigeons are not my favorite birds. I've seen a number of people get bombed by them in the Woodruff Park area, and once got nailed on the shoe myself.

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