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I was down in Atlanta last weekend and, while it isn't necessarily a photo, it is about 1100 of them compiled together (stop motion) of a drive on the Connector. I hate that there is the reflection of my dashboard in the windshield and it is something I'm working on to fix for my future videos.

I tried to choose something different with the music than in past videos. I remember this song getting a lot of criticism from native Atlantans and Georgians when it came out, but the beat and some of the lyrics do fit with the video.

In case you're interested, here is the set of photos I took while I was down here:


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From buckhead

A panoramic view looking west from just above the Old Fourth Ward...   A colourful Old Fourth Ward by Richard Cawood, on Flickr

I spent last weekend in your fair city (from Charlotte).  We saw, did, and ate a lot of good stuff, but this sunrise from the hotel was a bonus.  Auto-pano by google photos.

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You guys have been posting some great pictures lately. Suburban George, those are some great pictures of the botanical gardens. I haven't been there in a long time, so it was good to see some pics of the place.

Nice job capturing the skyline, Hybrid! Not many places offer that kind of view. (That shot of 1180 Peachtree Street looks great, too!)

Also, nice vid, Jersey Boy.

All these pics are making me hope I get some more time in the city sometime soon...

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This vantage point is looking due north from Downtown towards the Midtown. In this picture you can see SkyHouse 2.0 (u/c) topped out. It is located at the right side edge in the middle of the photo. SkyHouse Midtown (recently completed) is located on the left edge of the photo to the left of One Atlantic Center. Not shown in this photo is the recently completed 77 12th Street apartment tower. It is blocked from view by the AT&T building. All three apartment buildings do a very nice job of filling in the gaps in the Midtown.      



Photo courtesy of Byron E. Small

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Architectural firm Gensler is known as one of Atlanta's coolest office space. The office is located on the 14th floor of the 999 Peachtree building in Midtown. The "sky terraces" are one of the unique features of Gensler's Midtown office. After viewing the picture below, I can see why their space is so lauded.




Photo courtesy of Gensler


How would you like to discuss your next design assignment out on the terrace?



A gallery of their office space can be seen here: http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/real_talk/2014/01/atlantas-coolest-office-space.html?s=image_gallery

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Another panorama of the City of Atlanta's three business district clusters.





The view of the city as seen from high atop the peak of "Vinings Mountain" in Cobb County. From left to right: Buckhead..........Midtown...Downtown. Gorgeous photography. Click the photo to make it bigger so you can really see it!


10119756686_a3ae034d30_k.jpgDowntown Atlanta by bnewb42, on Flickr

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