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Hey guys,

I am sure you have already heard. WRAL is moving to NBC in a few weeks. So I have been thinking, why?

I thought tv stations made money off advertising? If so, does NBC help or hurt them?

WRAL is losing the NCAA tourny and saturday games of the week (College Basketball)

WRAL is losing the NFL every Sunday

WRAL is losing the super bowl

I may not be right but NBC is always ranked at the bottom in program ratings (for a while at least) has this changed? (for the major three outlets).

NBC I think has the olympics?? Certainly not worth the move (or is it)?

So what is the reason? Politics? I don't understand how this can be a profitable move. Help me understand please.



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I'll try to explain again:  Super Bowl rotates between CBS, Fox, and NBC.  So WRAL keeps it this year and will have it next time NBC has the rights. 

Yes they are losing CBS Sunday NFL games, but WRAL is gaining the NBC Primetime Sunday Night NFL game.  NBC also has some of the playoff games.

Also, CBS only had a handful of the NCAA tourney games anyway, and were losing more in the future as they are shifted to TBS & TNT.

The Olympics is huuuuge advertising revenue, by the way.

NBC also has the increasingly popular English Premier League.

I don't really care what their motivation is.  Even if political, its a business decision and I doubt they would do anything to jeopardize their business model.  Seems like you are reaching. 

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CBS wanted WRAL to pay CBS to carry their programming.  WRAL told CBS to go F themselves.  NBC jumped at the chance to have the number one station in the market.  That's about it.

In the past, the networks paid the affiliates.  That is now changing.  The networks want the affiliates to pay them.  Apparently, NBC is not going to do that to WRAL.

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