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Orlando is getting a Professional Futsal League team. Major NBA owners and FIFA world teams involved.

Pete C

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This could potentially be something really good given the owners and the money involved here. This is a new 5 v 5 soccer league played indoors on hardwood. Mavs owner Mark Cuban, Lakers owner Jim Buss, Brooklyn owner Mikhail Prokhorov, and soccer teams FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid are creating this league. I've been following this over the last week, but today was the first mention that Orlando is going to get a team. My guess is that since NBA owners are pushing this, Devos might be involved. This is just one of many stories on this league, but the one that mentions Orlando...


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Frankly, this sounds awful.  I watched a few highlights on youtube and it's a weird game.


But, I'm all for more pro sports teams!  The more the better.  This one just seems 100 times less appealing than actual soccer, which isn't very appealing to me in the first place.

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16 minutes ago, castorvx said:


As a Futurama fan, I'm disappointed in myself that I had to look up the Blernsball reference.

If Orlando were to get a team, I wonder if we could get Leela the One-Eyed Bean Machine to pitch. :D




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19 hours ago, popsiclebrandon said:

I wonder if Orlando City will be the owners here with all these global clubs owning teams. That is going to be a hard sell without making it something where you can drink cheap and just yell at the mayhem. Should at least be much more scoring for those who think that is what is missing from soccer.

Youtube videos make it seem like the score is still usually 1-0 or 2-1, so I don't think that aspect is the selling point.

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