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high-rise residential development planned for midtown Greensboro


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Looks like developer Marty Kotis has big plans for the Red Cinemas movie theater on Battleground Ave near downtown. It will be a lofts style apartment building with parts being  8 stories and a 10 story section. The first  phase of the project will  include retail and restaurants near the movie theater. It will be pretty unique for Greensboro having a multiplex theater, retail,  restaurants and loft apartments in one high density development. Its the kind of project you would see in Charlotte or Raleigh. Kotis recently bought the theater and named it Red Cinemas. The site is also close the Friendly Center and the upscale shops at Friendly Center. I like how the architecture resembles an old textile mill.

"Building upon the activity along a Greensboro corridor he’s dubbed Midtown, developer Marty Kotis is now laying the groundwork for a $50 million mixed-use project that would include one of the few high-rise apartment towers in the city."







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Maybe not in New York but 10-stories in most cities Greensboro's size is considered a high-rise.


"We're doing what planners want to see in D.C. and Atlanta and Chicago. All the other major metros have tons of that. We barely have any of it. We feel like we can provide a different style, something unique"

More renderings. Kotis says it will have more of a feel of a Four Seasons resort rather than just an ordinary apartment complex with a nice weight lifting room. The site borders a future greenway which will link to the downtown greenway. The complex will include two restaurants which both will open to a roof top terrace overlooking Greensboro's downtown skyline. It will also include retail and office space. Residents could have access to a pilot brewing system that with help from staff at the nearby Pig Pounder Brewery, could help them hone their craft brewing skills. Customized meal service from nearby restaurants and beer deliveries will also be options for residents.  Kotis says this project could eventually include a hotel attached to the taller end of the apartment building which would soar even TALLER! This could be "midtown's" version of Bellemeade Village on steroids.

Also here is an interview with the developer talking about his plans for this project and "midtown" in general. He envisions more midrises and tall buildings in the future as the district develops out.


The Lofts at Red 





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To call this a high-rise is a little bit far-fetched, but that shouldn't detract from the scope of the project. 300 units is nothing to sneeze at. Now, the hotel that they put on site MAY become a high-rise if it ends up being significantly taller.  

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I'm actually calling it what the Triad Business Journal is calling it. I think the definition of a high-rise depends on the city. Center Pointe in downtown Greensboro for an example is clearly a high-rise. But if that building were in New York City it would be called a low-rise just like its a gray area in whats considered a skyscraper. The Southeastern Building in downtown Greensboro is 9 stories but is considered by the city as Greensboro's first skyscraper. 9 stories would never be considered a skyscraper in New York.  Regardless of what it's call, it's a tall project at least for Greensboro and developments like this will help change the character of the city and give Greensboro a more big city landscape. Its also the kind of development you'd expect to see in a true "midtown" district. The developer envisions multiple "mid-rises" in midtown Greensboro over the long term future

 Totally built out hotel and all, all phases are expected to be complete within 10 years with construction on the retail portion beginning either this year or early next year. I can easily see a hotel being built here because the development will be in close proximity to a cluster of hotels near Friendly Center (The O'Henry and Proximity Hotels). Its a good area for for hotels because of close proximity to downtown, nearby shopping options, restaurants and direct link to the airport via Bryan Blvd.



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I'm not a huge fan of the design.  This and the Bellemeade Village buildings are just large blocks.  It's decent height, but I would love for this building to look less like a monolith.  I would be best to build three separate buildings instead of one large building. 

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5 minutes ago, AirNostrumMAD said:

I love the way it looks.


(But I would not call this a highrise even if it were in the middle of a cow pasture.)

Agreed. It actually reminds me a little of the warehouse at Camden Yards. Based on the renderings, it definitely has a neat retro look.

But to begin speaking even trying to seriously convince someone of the "high-rise" status of a building, you should have at least 12 floors IMO. Frankly, I'd say the conversation really starts somewhere around 15 floors. Again though, being a mid-rise does not diminish the cool factor behind this project. And as argued on a different message board, I don't think the vacancy rates of apartments in completely different areas of town are all that relevant. Especially as Greensboro continues to attract more and better jobs.


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