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Cheesecake Factory coming to Greensboro

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It's about time. Add another restaurant to the growing list of upscale eateries at Friendly Center. The Cheesecake Factory will be located at the corner of West Friendly Ave and Pembroke Rd near the upscale Shops at Friendly Center. The restaurant will open fall of this year and will become the fourth location in North Carolina..The restaurant is already located in Charlotte, Raleigh and Durham.




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Cheesecake Factory was one of the restaurants I was going to miss in NC, given that they didn't have one in the Triad. Good to see that they're building one now, though I guess I'll probably have to go a few months without (projecting to move in the late Spring or early Summer right now). That's OK, I actually haven't been in a few months (can't afford to go out much in VB because cost of living is so expensive).

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I drove by there Sunday and the exterior of the building is virtually complete and the building signage is already in place. All I can say it's about time. Greensboro residents have been waiting for a Cheesecake Factory for a  long time. It will join a number of other upscale restaurants at Friendly Center such as PF Changs, Ruth Chris  and Wolf Gang Pucks. But the ultimate prize for Friendly Center is a major upscale department store such as a Neiman Marcus, Lord and Taylor or Nordstrom. Eventually it will happen even if it takes a decade or more. I predicted 5 years ago that Friendly Center would eventually get a Cheesecake Factory. The large cluster of high end retail stores at Friendly Center such as Brooks Brothers proves the demographics are just about there. I do think they should consider changing Friendly Center's name so that it is more fitting with the upscale stores and restaurants. Friendly Towne Center or Friendly Village sounds better.

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