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Waterfront Cities

Allen Alexander

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I thought I would bring up an old topic. What cities do you guys think are the best waterfront cities. My opinion is Little Rock because they have great night life along the bank and they have great walking bridges and parks along the river. The Regions concert amphitheater is nice and so is the Clinton Library.

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I assume you mean within the South given the forum. I would say overall Charleston makes the best use of its waterfront, followed by Savannah, Wilmington, Fort Lauderdale (including canals/ Intercoastal), and Miami. Riverfront cities are probably in a different category altogether since the character of development is much different. Chattanooga and San Antonio are widely renowned for their riverfronts. I would also throw Greenville, SC, Austin (the river-like extension of Lake Travis into downtown), and Knoxville in the mix since their rivers are accessible and feature prominently in the fabric of development.

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