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Spartanburg Regional Medical Center Campus

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I was checking a construction bid website and found a Spartanburg Regional medical office building project.  It will be across Church Street from Archibald Rutledge next to the hospital's parking lot (map).  Aimee Street will be brought around to intersect with Centennial.  It's an interesting building.  It will be built near the street, but the entrance will be from the back (parking lot side).  Due to the grade, it will be 2-floors street-side and 3-floors on the parking lot side.  And it will be a really modern design on the parking lot side, but more traditional-looking and brick street-side.

Here's a site plan and rendering and some elevations North & East; South & West. (links are to PDFs)

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The first of many new pieces on the SRHS campus. The collective impact of what SRHS and Wofford are doing to their campuses over the next few years is going to be incredible.

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Spartanburg Regional gave an update on some of their future plans at a Chamber event on Friday.  The Chamber's Twitter account posted a photo of the aforementioned medical office building.  It looks a bit different than the plans; not sure which is more accurate.  But it looks pretty nice.


I hope they build another parking deck at some point.  There's way too much surface parking, particularly across Church St.  It would be nice to keep all hospital development on one side of Church.  Then the other side could be developed as apartments with retail/restaurant space or something.

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I updated the projects map to show this change.

I'm disappointed that the back side of the building is facing the street. While it's not in the 'urban core' of the city, we still shouldn't ignore elements that make the entire city more walkable. Seems like the hospital would support that concept. Further, if the day ever comes where they need to build a parking deck in the back, the front door will barely be visible.

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So, there's a Harper Corp (contractor) sign up where the medical office building is supposed to go, and maybe some site clearance.  But not much activity yet.

However, a tower crane was erected last week in the heart of the hospital campus.  Anyone know what it's for?  Here are 2 photos and a map of where the crane is (star):


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Speak of the devil.  They're building a 100,000 sq ft addition with 68 beds.  It will help the hospital vacate the original 1920s section (which will eventually be demolished).  The article doesn't really make it clear where exactly the footprint of this addition will be (map/diagram would help), how many floors, whether it's all new-construction or some upfit of unfinished space in an existing building (which the photos suggest), etc.  But anyway, it should be done by next February.  Also, this project is NOT the 8-10 floor addition they are still planning to build sometime in the future.

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