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DTR Food Court

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I just realized they main doors (old post office doors) are being put back into service as the primary entrance into the Morgan food hall. Good call embracing the street again. Thinking more and more, this project might spur enough additional foot traffic to quickly make the retail spaces in 400H and 301 fill up and be viable pretty quickly. The center of foot traffic gravity could very well end up over here giving all the housing and other chill hangouts in the area already. 

User Raleigh, I regularly jog down Chavis Way from up near the DMV.  There are definitely more issues with crime and such as you get closer to the Chavis Heights area. I'll tell ya...I've been met with so much more generosity and positive interactions than I ever could have imagined...understanding full well that my presence in the area is changing the area forever. There are a ton of long time residents that have been trying forever to hold the area together but its an uphill battle against people with substance abuse problems that can't get enough help, terrible landlords, kids that fall through the cracks when a family is struggling and those kids end up being drop outs hanging out and the corner mart all day...etc etc. I hope these economic transitions are gently sloped and benefit as many people as possible....existing, new, young, old.... 

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On 3/2/2017 at 2:22 PM, Green_man said:

So far on website:  4 retail vendors and 3 dining vendors listed.


  • The Soaperie
  • Five Points Baking Co.
  • Carolina Fancy Foods
  • Avenue des Chocolats


  • Oak City Fish & Chips
  • Ginger+Soy
  • City Sushi



  • That's Good Chocolate! 
  • Huntington Provision Co.
  • Hail Mary Mix
  • Two Brothers Jerkey


  • Cow Bar
  • Sassool
  • Boba Brew

Hoping for more clothing or goods retailers and not just food items.

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I know there are quite a few goat farms out the Chatham/southern Orange area. Are there cow cheese makers close by (I know Ashe County Cheese is pretty big time-ish)

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