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Amtrak Conducts Tour Inspection Along Gulf Coast


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    • By Scribe
      I like trains (fine, I love trains) and not just the idea of trains. With the South-East High Speed Rail ( http://www.sehsr.org/ ) in the works and making some progress and the Piedmont Improvement Program complete ( https://www.ncdot.gov//projects/pip/ ) I think it is a good time to start a thread like this.
      For many work projects I've done in the north-east a train ride makes more sense (i.e. I am more productive) then a plane ride.
      I have experienced Viewliner, Acela trains, even been in (toured) some old Heritage cars.  One thing I have never experienced is the Superliner trains. That will change next week, but I wanted to start a thread here to get your experiences, views and other train banter going.
      I will post some observations about booking for a family trip vs. a business trip later. Hope to learn some valuable info in this thread -- and maybe some of my experiences can help someone else as well.
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