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What I love about Richmond...


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I have an idea born of the apparent, and unseemly enmity between the cities of Hampton Roads which seems always on the boil; but I believe it can extend throughout our great Commonwealth of Virginia. The idea is for Virginians of all stripes, life-long and newer residents, to understand that although each city has issues, they also each have very special gifts and strengths, which we should hold up and appreciate. Cities all over the world have issues, but there are cities and towns all over Virginia which also have special places, and great people which are ours, and are truly distinctive to us. There is no reason for someone in Norfolk, or Charlottesville, or Richmond, or Falls Church, or Bristol, to be so insecure or defensive that they hold back their praise of the other beautiful, historic, fun, locations all over our wonderful Commonwealth. I hope this idea, and the intention behind it can pick up steam, and gain a foothold, you never know, but in any event I am planting a seed here and now. If you are inclined to agree, please post something you love, or like about places all over Virginia.

With that, in the following post I will mention just a few of the things that I love about Richmond.

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Richmond is such a beautiful city, full of history, and alive with great dining, a top notch beer scene, world-class art and culture, and is populated with some of the nicest and most open people one could ever hope to meet and get to know. 

Here are some of the things I love to do while visiting friends in Richmond. Walking around Carytown, and the Fan and enjoying food and drinks. Visiting the fantastic VMFA; the ediface is stunning, and it's collection brings joy to the heart. I love soaking-in the history which Richmond keeps alive with it's marvelous buildings, and awe-inspiring monuments, and it's special places such as the Hollywood Cemetary, with it's un-matched views of the city, and it's stirring tributes to many of the people who have made Virginia such a special place for centuries. I could go on, but I hope others from all over Virginia do.

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I for one will always have a special place in my heart for Newport News. I lived there for quite over a decade until I moved up to RVA, and sometimes I drive down 64 just to visit and drive through and see what's changed (driving down Warwick Blvd and Jefferson Ave and what have you). I will always be a booster of that place, I want that place to prosper.

I used to commute all throughout Hampton Roads and so I am pretty familiar with the area... from Toano all the way to the VB Oceanfront lmao. I admire Norfolk for having the drive to develop a good light rail system, and HRT for taking regional public transportation seriously. GRTC could learn quite a bit from them.

I have an affinity for Roanoke as well, I have lots of family and friends who have lived there either their entire lives or a portion of it. I love the little downtown it has, and I always feel like with enough development and growth it could be a formidable small to mid-sized city like Chattanooga or Asheville or something of the like.

Now that I live in Northern VA, I also have developed an appreciation for Arlington, I think it should be a model to other large cities with established urban cores like Richmond and Norfolk for smart growth and transit oriented development, the Wilson Blvd corridor especially with the Metro stations and mixed use developments lining it.

I don't think anybody should feel insecure about their or any other community/region, there's always something redeeming about a place that other regions can learn something from.

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