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What I love about Virginia Beach...


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I also started a thread like this on the Richmond board. Being from Norfolk, I definitely love my hometown, but there are so many things that I love about the other cities of Hampton Roads, and Virginia which often seem to get lost in the culture of enmity between our cities (especially in Hampton Roads.) I think it is healthy for the residents of a region, and a state, to also talk about the best aspects which the other cities, both neighboring and far-flung have to offer. We all live in a great state, The Commonwealth of Virginia, and although each city has it's challenges, we are greater when we overcome those challenges and when we appreciate what each of us have to offer. If you are so inclined, please start a thread discussing the great things a neighboring city, or one across the state has to offer.

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What I love about Virginia Beach is the variety it offers. Beautiful ocean and bay beaches, fine dining, outdoor activities, and cultural offerings. I love First Landing State Park, and it's many trails. The Vibe District, is fun and interesting, and continues to grow and delight more each time I visit. I enjoy walking the urban park that is Mt. Trashmore. I love dining, and having fun in Town Center as it has such a wide variety of offerings TC is a great place to take friends and family when they are visiting. There is so much more, but I'll leave it at that for now.

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