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Piedmont Triad Intl Airport is a finalist for a massive project

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PTI airport in Greensboro is one of three sites being considered for a major company looking to expand operations. It looks like it's a pretty big deal. Construction on a large airplane taxiway over a future segment of I-73 opening up hundreds of acres of land for the airport could help seal the deal. Its being called  a "very, very big endeavor" The Airport is currently home to the Mid-Atlantic FedEx Hub and the world headquarters of Honda Aircraft Company and its jet factory.

GCEDA and Airport Officials Trying To Land Major Project - Rhino Times

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PTI airport in Greensboro is one of three sites being considered for a major company looking to expand operations. It looks like it's a pretty big deal. Construction on a large airplane taxiway over a

Lets hope the transgendered bathroom fiasco wont hurt chances of industry coming to the airport.

I love the PTI airport whenever I get there from another city or the occasional trans-atlantic flight I just feel a rush of ahhhh im home. 

1 hour ago, kermit said:

Is the Rhino Times worthy of quoting here? Evertime I read it the articles are so full of errors that it is very hard to consider it to be journalism.

Unfortunately that is endemic in about 75% of American publications....print and electronic!

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Honestly the Rhino feels much worse than most. 

This article (written by the same guy) is a fine example of their incompetence. Facts are incorrect (purposely mistated?), terminology is completely incorrect, the photo is inappropriate, and the logic is deeply flawed.


here is a smple paragraph from the article:

"According to Wikipedia, “With construction under way, development of light rail and cost overruns associated with it became a major issue between incumbent Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory and Democratic opponent Craig Madans in the 2005 mayoral race.  In 2006, following a report by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, the project was cited as inefficient use of federal taxpayer dollars, and opponents claimed most of the $8.9 billion slated for transit out of a total of $12.7 billion for all transportation projects in the Charlotte Region’s Long Range Plan was attributed to rail. In response to these concerns, a coalition labeling itself Stop the Train launched a petition drive to put a repeal of the 1998 transit tax on the November 2007 ballot.”

wikipedia as a source? Seriously?

the AFP report was widely acknowledged to be a partisan hack job that both cherry picked data and used inappropriate baselines when making its "inefficient use" "conclusions"

The esteemed rhino also failed to mention the most relevant fact about the transit tax repeal refereendum -- repeal of the tax was massively rejected (the pro repeal side got fewer votes than they had petition signatures!) The voters of Mecklenburg county clearly saw value in transit and they were willing to pay for it, unfortunately the rhino didn't see fit to include that fact.

these are just the errors in -one- paragraph

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I wonder if this is what the proposed major project was. Sure, it's a company that's already in Greensboro but it appears that it will be adding about 400-500 jobs, which is a pretty big deal. If this isn't the rumored endeavor, then hopefully we have a whopper of an announcement coming soon!


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