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300 South Tryon and Kimpton Hotel

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The sunrise this morning was pretty nice

Coming along real nice...

A birds eye view of the park... It's finally starting to take shape

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Just now, alb1no panther said:

Would be nice to spruce up the ground floor of those parking decks with retail or cafes.

A couple of them have plans for it in place, thankfully. The only hold up is Grubb/Charlotte Chamber.

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I honestly have no idea what happened to the old thread. It's not hidden or moved anywhere I can find it (including the moderators' section). I've asked Neo to look into it. Thanks for creating this new thread in the meantime. 

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Thought I would share the opening of the closet Kimpton Hotel just 90 minutes away in the state's 4th largest city of Winston-Salem.  If you are familiar with the downtown area of the city, the hotel will be part of a mixed used complex in the former iconic RJ Reynolds building which opened in the late 1920's and was actually the proto-type for the Empire State Building in New York City which opened several years later.  


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Sorry everyone but it looks like the old thread is gone for good. :ph34r: It got deleted accidentally and apparently there is no recovery system for that. We've made some changes internally that will hopefully prevent it from happening in the future. 

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Had a later morning coffee meeting at RUSH in Brevard Court.  Took some pictures and video on my way there.  What's the point of all this crane porn without any sound?


^ in case anyone was wondering what the alley was going to look like

Link to 20s video bc I can't figure out how to embed -->  http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=34fxtao%3E&s=9#.Vxacm4S7dlx

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Took a perspective shot through the trees.  Use your imagination for the finished product.  Will be a pretty scene during the warm months.



I just noticed this area off to the left.  "Rooftop" dining?



One more question:

I just noticed from @CarolinaCrown's photos that the lobby to the hotel is going to be MASSIVE.  Like 3 stories it looks like.  Has a final decision been made as to hotel branding at this spot?

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On April 5, 2016 at 11:35 AM, Jayvee said:


I just noticed that beige strip.  I imagine that is a bike path?  If so, that's AWESOME that they separated it from the roadway as opposed to a narrow lane with a white line.

Nitpicking here:  But the design would be much more complete IMO if there were double facing light poles hitting the pedestrian path and the bike path.

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19 minutes ago, Jayvee said:

Do you mean beyond the title of the thread and it being announced publicly that it's a Kimpton Hotel?

I was under the impression that a final decision hadn't been made yet.  Or maybe that's the Crescent Stonewall project?  In any event, things change over time.  Just asking is all.

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