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300 South Tryon and Kimpton Hotel

Miesian Corners

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33 minutes ago, Scribe said:

I gotta say, I love the feel of Bearden Park!

You walk and see people -- people everywhere, different languages, different socio-economic backgrounds, all in the same place just enjoying our awesome city...  I had to just stay and people watch for a bit.

Second, I did NOT expect Merchant & Trade to have a line out the door to Tryon Park entrance before 8 pm.

Third, Angeline's was full, people walking up for a table were given ~1 hour wait.

Lastly, coming out ~10 pm the line to Merchant & Trade was at least 50% longer then when we walked into Angeline's. (might have been double the length).

And the atmosphere at Bearden Park past 10 pm was still as lively as it was ~7pm. Hard to believe this is possible in third ward (think back to late ninety's or early 2000's)

But if this is the level of life we can achieve in Third Ward, just imagine what can happen with Brooklyn Village or LevineLand™ in First Ward!

Early weekend mornings at Romare Bearden are just as nice on a different level.

It's quieter so you can hear the waterfalls & fountains, the birds chirping, and the hum of traffic. Street sweepers are very relaxing white noise. 

Last Sunday morning there were the ubiquitous photo shoots, people jogging & riding bikes & scooters, meditating on the benches, eating breakfast & catching up with friends at the picnic tables, grabbing coffee at the new place, taking their dogs and kids for walks, walking to church all dressed up, and others hanging off of their balconies watching everything in their pajamas. The smarmy brunch music from Ink & Ivy was a bonus.

I love that park.

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Cushman & Wakefield is consolidating some office space in 300 S. Tryon.  Per article, the building is 70% leased.  I sometimes worry about all of the vacant space in these new towers, but love 300 S Tryon, and glad for them to be making headway toward full occupancy.


Also, nice photo of 300 S Tryon in the article...



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11 months of the year, I think the lobby is unnecessarily large (the side with Parliament/Waterbean to Tryon would have been enough) and having that space on Tryon available for additional retail would have been useful.  

But when Christmas comes (except last year :tw_bawling:), I am so happy they have space for the train set.  

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