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Save The Milestone!


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So the Milestone may very well get sold, and this might actually be a good thing.  The Gist of the story is Bill Flowers (Milestone founder and building owner) is willing to sell the building to Jon and Stephanie Hughes (who currently own the business and run the club) along with Carlos Espin (founder of Area 15).  They apparently have the money to buy the property, what they don't have is the money they need to do the much needed renovations. 

More here: http://www.charlottestories.com/charlotte-uniting-together-save-one-legendary-clubs-america/

I'm not a big fan of Go Fund Me type campaigns, but I'll probably throw them a few bucks.

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This is huge. One, because it's the only way the Milestone will stick around. But two, because the three men who are buying it want to create a similar mission as Area 15: small business incubation, and a focus on the hyper local community (the Tuckaseegee Rd neighborhoods in particular) I'm excited.

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