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OK, for those out there who don't already know, I've gone under the knife for back surgery, early this Monday afternoon.  Procedure was a "Lumbar Laminectomy" to go in and remove arthritic bone snd tissue to relieve pinched nerve.

As you see, it doesn't so far seem to have cramped my U-P "mouthing" or texting from the phone noticeably, for the moment, but that's only because I'm cooped up at St Thomas Midtown for 1 or 2 nights and have an extra-long charging cord to the nearby wall.  I probably won't be so lucky, once I return to the nest.

Thanks for all the new insight in the posts submitted.  They are one of the few things that "keep it real" with fresh insight that otherwise might never get shared.


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16 hours ago, Nathan_in_DC said:

Feel better, bud! 

Thanks, Nathan.  After spending the first night home upon being released yesterday, I was starting to get a bit concerned.  Following a quite harrowing night and morning, I'm starting to get the feel of recovery.

Thanks to all for even having this forum to "listen" to, in the first place.  It's been my only real connect to the many topics I don't  know squat the first about.

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