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On 7/30/2017 at 8:36 PM, Interstate 411 said:

And you don't work for ARTrans (ATHD) why????  God, the logic in your post (and another I read on facebook regarding US82/I69) is superb.

If you were talking to me, thanks. 

The reason I suggest a southern bridge that runs just west of West Memphis to either the TN/MS line or  the area where US 51 and I-69 meet in Tunica is that it would basically connect the intermodal yard around Crawfordsville to where all the new DCs being built in North MS are at.

Arkansas has missed out on the DC boom because the bridges, particularly the Old Bridge are bottlenecks. This would open up a corridor of large,flat fields in Arkansas more development. The growth in the DC market on the Arkansas side has been that bridge bottleneck and a lack of labor force. Too much generational welfare making it a way of life in West Memphis plus the fact that the few DCS there think that they can pay a lower wage than the DCs in Memphis and North MS. because they are in Arkansas has played a big role in it. I'm not talking out of turn there as I know that Bosch has had problems. They want to pay the same or lower and provide no incentive for folks to cross over the river, plus the pain in the ass that it is now to cross via the two existing bridges. If the Arkansas side is to ever really grow, we have got to have better connectivity that disperses some of the concentrated truck traffic through West Memphis proper, at the same time making it much easier to do business and get more of the distribution center pie that Memphis is positioned for.


You couple that with a plan to make two to four artificial islands(See Mud Island) large enough for homes and offices on the Arkansas Side high enough to avoid flooding (see new weigh stations)and get in on housing from the growth of St. Jude and Methodist.(seen the prices of housing on fully developed Mud Island lately?)  Downtown Memphis is showing signs of life.

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