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Cannabis Legalization In Arkansas

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I know this is a "sticky" subject, pun intended, but what are the implications if Arkansas legalizes cannabis for recreational and/or medical purposes in the upcoming November Elections, from a business perspective?  Even if none of the amendments pass this go round, it is an inevitability in the near future, I believe.  See the link http://www.ahaca.info/.


Now, I realize that full legalization is a long shot in this state, but, if somehow the impossible happened, and Arkansas became the first state between DC and Colorado to legalize recreational use, it would be absolutely bananas; even if only the medical amendment passes.  I live in Fayetteville, which according to recent estimates, is the fastest growing city in the state, in what is by far the fastest growing MSA in the state, as ya'll know.  Not to mention all the recent, positive and national publicity the area has received.  Fayetteville being the home of the University of Arkansas, also inherently makes it much more progressive than any other city in the Natural State. My family owns some prime real estate in the center of downtown, and I was thinking about investing in this potentially legal business.  Oh, and the building includes a BANK VAULT, which would provide a solution for an obvious challenge with this business.


Even if the recreational amendment does not pass, the medical amendment likely will. Recent polls indicate that 83% of Arkansas approve of the use of cannabis for medical purposes. On top of that, four years ago, a similar amendment for medical use narrowly failed by a 52% to 48% margin I believe.


It seems like we might be sitting on a fantastic opportunity. Yeah, there would be obstacles obviously, and I have thought of that. I mainly just wanted to test the waters of the internet to gain any advice or insight of someone who may live in a state where cannabis has been legalized as far as setting up the business, learning from the "pros" here in Arkansas who have similar ambitions, or just renting the property to an established business if need be.  I am open to partnership, and I would appreciate any educated responses. Also, I can provide legitimate source links to any of the claims I made in this post, by request.


Someone is going to take advantage of this opportunity when it happens, and it helps tremendously to be prepared, including the preparation of a professional business plan, staff, professional botanists (U of A provides pipeline, or other experienced and educated professional outside academia), security measures, as well as an attorney to handle the legal compliance issues.  I can handle marketing and promotions aspects, and have MANY connections from all different socioeconomic backgrounds.  I can attract investors without doubt, once we get a legitimate plan together.  This is just to start.  I have a perfect location, and the market will explode one of these days in the near future.  I just need some folks to step out on this ledge with me.  I am 33 with no wife and kids, so I have ample time to dedicate to the cause.  Nobody has accomplished anything great without taking risks, after all.  Thank you, and here's to health and prosperity for all.

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