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9 minutes ago, OnePointEast said:

Around six floors left, are any floors going to be taller than the average floor height?

I'd bet the Grand Penthouse is on the top floor. Maybe the other penthouse floors? Then you have the mechanical which in renderings looks covered up.

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Based on renderings of the Tower, it looks as though the Penthouses will have a slightly larger ceiling height, and the Grand Penthouse will have a ceiling height that doubles the rest.



Some renderings showcase a top that features what looks like a steel finish and some lighting strips to seemingly hide the mechanical stuff, but I believe that these with the strictly glass top are the newest ones.

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I’m beginning to think this isn’t going to hit anywhere close to 542’.  With six floors left it’s barely taller than Pinnacle from the angles I see.  It’ll have to have some extra tall floors and a crown to come close.

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9 hours ago, titanhog said:

Crane jump will give us a true glimpse of the total height.  Once it’s up, you can just look a few feet below the arm and know.  Can’t wait!

I think same crane tower height like .....  505 Tower.  About 630 feet tall of tower crane  :whistling:

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I’m wondering why they just didn’t go taller with this one tower, after they knew that the second tower wasn’t possible because of the small parking lot deal. It would be cool , if they built this to 75- 80 stories 

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    • By markhollin
      Zach Liff's DZL Management along with partner developer Draper &  Kramer have unveiled ambitious plans for the Cummins Station area properties that cover 13 acres, most of which are surface lots surrounding the iconic massive office space converted from a railroad warehouse.

      Eventually, it could end up being as many as 8 towers. The initial foray will be a series of 31-34 story towers along the east side of the CSX tracks in the Gulch, bordered by Demonbreun St. on the north and Cannery Row on the south.

      Smith Gee Studios and Solomon/Cordwell/Buenz will be the architects.

      A Set. 2019 groundbreaking is planned for Tower 1. 

      No price tag has been put on the project. 

      More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:


      And behind theNBJ paywall here:


      This is the Phase 1 Tower, which will be just to the southeast  of Cummins Station, hugging the CSX tracks to the west, and just to the northeast of the proposed Gulch Pedestrian Bridge on the west side of the intersection of 10th Ave. South and Lea Ave.  It will be 31 stories/369' tall, with 333 residential units, 10,200 sq. ft. of ground level retail, and a 360 capacity parking in a garage within a 7 story pedestal.



      Tower 2 will be nearly a twin of Tower 1, just to the south,  with its southern border the Cannery Row area.  It will also be residential in focus at 31 stories with a 360 capacity garage.

      Towers 3 & 4 will each be 34 stories.  #3 will feature a hotel as well as residential, and #4 will be residential.  Each will feature garages that will hold a minimum of 420 cars. 
      Future phases will include at least 2 towers of undetermined size on the Union Station Railroad Shed site (currently surface parking), at least one tower on the surface lot at SE corner of Demonbruen and 10th Ave. South, and a tower at the apex of Lea Ave. and Palmer Place, immediately to the NW of the 30 story 805 Lea residential tower about to get underway by another developer.  In total, the plan is for at least 8 towers, as well as a few shorter structures. 
      This is a massing render of Tower 3 (hotel/residential) looking east along Demonbruen Street Viaduct:

      Massing render of Towers 1-4 looking east:

      Diagram of full Station District on the 13 acre Cummins Station campus:

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