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Downtown Chattanooga isn't the only market receiving all the development attention.


New grocery store, apartments, other retailers coming to East Brainerd Development


$100m Waterside project looks to be finally moving forward.

350k sq ft retail, 20k sq ft restaurants, 300 apartments combined with existing hotel, restaurants, and retail off Shallowford Rd.









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New custom-built, bed and breakfast being added to  E Brainerd market. Open May 2017



$500k investment, 2.3 acres, 7 bed, 4700 sq ft, "urban cottage"



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8 hours ago, MLBrumby said:

Met the woman steering the buildup a year ago, then in the spring would see her about every week come by the mayor's office. Hard worker, just like Berz.

I'm trying to understand the "midTown" branding - viscerally, the response is a "no" - but maybe it's because it's the business district (?) that large and to the EAST, if you visually made the M downtown and the N Hamilton Place (which I think may be the 2nd largest business district in CHA, but I may be confusing business and retail there)? 

I don't know. Excited for the prospects, nonetheless. Could a mod also add "midTown" to the title as well, please?

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I have always thought that the Brainerd area has so much potential, but too many things have held it back. IMHO, it has some of the best pre-war and early post-war housing stock in the whole city.  Yes, it's close to some rough areas, and it's close to the Interstate. However, those things have not held back reviving neighborhoods in other cities.  The Brainerd (Tuxedo) area is great and does not seem to be flagging. Same goes for the area just to the east of Missionary Ridge along Belvoir (It has a name?). There are even some very attractive old style neighborhoods east of Moore, and with some big-time investments around the Brainerd Golf Club, that area would be very attractive. And there have been some very expensive townhouses built at the Bragg Monument.  But Brainerd is just not getting the love that Northshore has seen. 

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13 hours ago, MLBrumby said:

REI and Publix are coming to East Hamilton area at the Waterside complex... http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/business/diary/story/2017/mar/16/outdoor-retailer-rei-coming-hamiltplace-areap/417843/

  • Stores will open in summer 2018 at $100 million complex
  • Publix store would be area's sixth
  • 300 Apartments being built


As an outdoor enthusiast this makes me very happy. Bye Rock Creek and your way over full retail priced clothes. I honestly can't believe it took REI that long to come to an outdoor Mecca like Chattanooga, I've been wanting this for years. 

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