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Hinman project - new 13 story hotel at 10 Ionia


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5 minutes ago, RegalTDP said:

Isn't 48 Fulton W (Back Forty's building) part of the Historic District?  I wonder if taking that building down for something taller would be a challenge.

I’m sure it is. And it’s a unique building for the area. I don’t think you’d see that one meeting the wrecking ball. It seems like you’d have to at least take out Buffalo Wild Wings and this building to have a big enough footprint to make something work. I’d throw it on the “ain’t gonna happen” pile. 


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2 hours ago, mpchicago said:

I think its one of the most unusual builds I've seen!    Seems like its been a slow go since they went vertical or is that just me?   Glad to see progress.



Thought the same thing. They’ve got one more level to add before they start building the actual hotel room floors. I wonder if those will go much faster?

Either way, I’m enjoying my ride home every day as I get to see the building grow. 


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36 minutes ago, Floyd_Z said:

So it looked like they were mainly working on the core today, which was a lot of precast, are they using the concrete as a "glue" to keep the precast together?

I'm sure all the connections are mechanical. Concrete is very good in compression, very poor in tension (glue). I haven't seen the design but some of those panels have "gaps" designed to be poured after the precast are placed.

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