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I was initially going to limit all the individual project threads to only the 300'+ projects.  But this one has a good live action construction webcam that's worth checking out.  Here's a shot from the webcam this afternoon:  




Here's a rendering of this otherwise mediocre building:  



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This beefy mid-rise is topped out, and two permits were filed this week for dismantling the tower cranes in October.  The best thing about this project is that U.T. will be vacating their offices on Block 71 to move in here.  We should then hear more details about the private development on Block 71 which could be a huge project.   This is a shot from the webcam taken just now on this rainy afternoon:  



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I marked this one complete in the thread title because it will be completed next week.  The University of Texas begins the move in on August 1st from the current U.T. HQ located across the street on Block 71.  Demo on Block 71 should begin shortly thereafter to make way for Trammell-Crow's alleged 35-story, 511' foot office tower and a second 30 to 35-story residential tower.

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The University of Texas had more office space built  into this building than it needed and was planning on leasing it out.  But the Army's Future Command Center is in the process of taking the space.  That makes sense because a lot of the Army's research dollars will now be pouring into the University of Texas.  I wasn't following the Future Command Center project too closely because it was only 500 jobs and in the shadow of the HQ2 hysteria.  But the real prize seems to be the research dollars that will be flowing into to Austin that will benefit U.T. and the Tech startup community.   Another interesting tidbit is that the Air Force recently opened up a smaller but similar facility in Austin for research into such things as  virtual reality.  But the Air Force did it very quietly. 

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