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This is a planned mixed use project - most likely residential and hotel - by the developers of the U/C Fairmont hotel.  The renderings are from a presentation made to the Austin Historic Landmark Commission.  The developers requested approval to move two or three historic homes on the site to make room for this project.  They did get the approval to move the homes, but there is no announced timetable for construction.  This is near their Fairmont project.


Austin Towers

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A rendering has surfaced on a Gensler Austin architect's Instagram site.  But the rendering is described as "imaginary".  This matches the only other available renderings for the site.  So this project probably won't end up looking like this.


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We don't know what will end up being built on this site, but here are some more renderings of the one that won't be built.  But stay tuned.  Something good will replace this one.  The site is owned by the nearby Fairmont developers, and I suspect Version 2.0  will be announced after that one finally wraps up construction.   





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