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This project has been delayed several times, and last week the developer said the new start date would be late 2016 or early 2017.  Site demolition was completed in April, but there has been no site prep since then.  The site is rather large and six or seven buildings were demolished for it.  Here are some photos of the demolition by Downtown Austin Blog:  





Lest we forget.  Here are the latest known renderings.  But these aren't the final renderings because they don't match the released height information which is more recent than these renderings from the developer's website:  



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This lonely dead end road is Willow Street.  It was vacated by the city and is in the middle the area that was demolished for this project.  It's apparently being used for parking now.  If the developers are not ready to break ground in the near future, they should level the entire site for parking.  This is in the Rainey St. District which is gridlocked with partiers on weekends.  The parking fees would amount to a small fortunate   


Don Mason on Flickr

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