Hensler-Stiles (26-story residential), Eakin Peabody Plaza (9-story, 280,000 sq. ft. office), & 4 smaller buildings, $265 million, MDHA Trolley Barn sites

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On 8/10/2016 at 3:47 PM, BnaBreaker said:

Hahaha What a joke.  Ignoring the astounding fact that none of the criteria they looked at had anything to do with the actual proposals themselves outside of cost, how on earth did Hensler and Eakin basically go 1-2 in every category?  How did they get such high scores in experience?  Their portfolios are both quite light.  This still smells to me of some insider BS to me.  

The most maddening thing about this, aside from the fact that the actual design of these projects wasn't even something considered, is that according to their own chart, the magnificent Mathews proposal was just a couple of "scope" points away from being the selected proposal.  I don't know what "scope" means to MDHA, but in my book, this proposal has a far larger "scope" than the crap they chose:

MDHA Matthews Co.:SWH 1.png

Its clear to me that this plan was not selected because the tower leans.

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