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If anyone reads Peter King's MMQB on Sports Illustrated's website every Monday, King had this nugget in today's column:

Mr. Starwood Preferred Member Travel Note of the Week

Now that I’m back from the training camp, one observation from the journey was about the progress of so many cities in bringing people back downtown. Cincinnati, with a vastly improved riverfront, is one, and I wrote about the Queen City a couple of weeks ago. There are others: Milwaukee, with a terrific and livable Third Ward, home to more than 400 businesses downtown; Houston, a good walking city when it’s not stiflingly humid, with the revitalized area around the baseball stadium; Baltimore, with the new construction (much by Under Armour) in needy areas, plus the classic old restaurants in places like Little Italy; and San Diego. I can’t say enough about how great San Diego has become, particularly around Petco Park. Two other gems in smaller cities: Green Bay has done a terrific job with brew pubs and restaurants downtown, and Spartanburg, S.C., (summer home of the Panthers) has some nice places featuring local fare and great walks.

I know zero about urban planning, but I know progress when I see it. And there’s a lot of that happening out there.

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Spartanburg has been ranked #24 (highest of any city in SC) on the 2021-22 US News & World Report list of Best Places to Live in the US!

Here's the city profile, with our ranking on other lists, various statistics, and info about the area. 

This may be the highest-profile ranking we've gotten.  Exciting!

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