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Biggest real estate flops in Greenville


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Out of curiosity:

What have been the biggest real estate flops in Greenville, meaning:

* Investments that have bombed

* Buildings that have looked really bad

* Buildings that haven't lasted

Of the current projects in the works, do you think that any of them could be flops?

To propose my own answers, I'd say that the biggest flops in my lifetime have been Greenville Mall's second incarnation, since the developers spent at least $65 million on it and it was demolished after only about 10 years, as nice as it was, and perhaps Bell Tower Mall, which didn't even last more than about 10 years, either.

I can't think of any definite flops these days, although those downtown hotels and apartment complexes might be dated in 10 years, and I hope that the apartment complexes don't attract a low-income clientele once they aren't nice and new.


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The developers of Greenville Mall's re-do in 1995 also spent $65 million on it.  I don't recall how much they sold the carcass for in the early 2000s, but I'm guessing that they lost money.

Magnolia Park seems to be doing well- at long last that site works for something.

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