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This year's cemetery tour

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This Saturday September 3 Tom Dilley gives his annual cemetery tour.  Dilley goes back to Oak Hill Cemetery but just the part south of Hall Street.  This might be the most interesting cemetery in Grand Rapids.  It includes a pyramid, many architecturally interesting mausoleums, and a lot of interesting stories and history.  He’s only giving one tour this year at ten AM with a rain date of Sept. 10.  The tour is free, just show up.

So far, and it’s only a couple of days away, there is not much information about the tour, basically just this skimpy notice:

cemetery tour 2016

Tried to Google a little more information about the tour but couldn’t find much.  In years past there would be a preview Mlive story by Garret Ellison a couple of days before the tour but he doesn’t seem to be around this area anymore.  So all I could find were a few videos that Dilley did about Oak Hill for some GVSU project.  The in-person tours are more fun and better than the videos.  The videos get bogged down with unnecessarily long intros with somber music and Dilley comes across a little flat talking to a camera instead of an informal audience.  Still they give a feel for what the tour is like (might want to skip the first video, Mount Auburn; it’s not Oak Hill or even Grand Rapids):

Oak Hill videos

Having said all this, I’ll be out of town and will miss it.  

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