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the article states it the tall 400 plus foot high tower  could be a possible gaming ventures i.e. a casino.  How could that happen when SC won't even let the Catawbas build a casino in their state and they want to build in Kings Mtn NC?    Even the Cowboys don't have anything like that at the Star in Frisco and that is a major affluent suburb.  They do have some office buildings and a hotel there but nothing that tall.  

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Is the Panthers facility land on part of the Catawba reservation? I was under the impression casinos can only be on tribal reservation land. But I'd imagine if Tepper wants a casino and it's legally possible, the state would be willing to bend on it and it would be run by the Catawbas with a percentage of revenues going to both the state and the Panthers.

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this plan is VERY ambitious and what company from Charlotte would they steal to get to move to 400+ foot high tower?  Honestly I just don't see it happening.  Apartments, shops, mixed use, hotels some office space yes but a forest of high rises no. 

Look at the 91 acre Star District home of the Cowboys in suburban Frisco part of the almost 7 Million person Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex .   They don't even have what is proposed for this Rock Hill development.



and Frisco is off the charts in average income too.  

in saying all of that above Mr Tepper can make a nice facility for training and a nice mixed used development.  

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IMO there is zero chance a tower is built here unless they get the casino is a component or in 20 years when rail is extended. The casino would be an almost impossible political battle, but it shows that Tepper is thinking big. To better familiarize you with the site here is a quick map I made. If I owned land across the interstate between the Panthers and the golf course I would be stoked!




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      U-P once had a thread on this topic.  The last reply was in 2007. 
      Drove by yesterday and took a look at this park.  Very impressive.  Kudos to Spartanburg and Cherokee Counties (the park straddles the county line) for teaming up on this one.  The big Dollar Tree distribution center dominates the park.  There's plenty of land for expansion but I worry about access to I-85. 
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      There is some exiting news about some bike and ped improvement projects that might actually get built! Council decided to fund $2.3 million worth of projects around downtown that are detailed in the HJ article here. These projects are funded in part by the Broad Street TIF District and will will likely be implemented over the next 2-3 years. A pattern I've noticed is that they are partnering up with a lot of stormwater/drainage repairs as part of many of these projects. Kudos to the City for finding creative ways to combine standard repairs to make them better projects for everyone.
      The summary is as follows:
      North Church Street Streescape: This project will make the walk from the Marriott to Morgan Square much better. I'm not sure where they will find the room for these improvements without moving the curb into the street.
      -Cost: $546,654 -Add pedestrian-scale lighting (like you see on main street) -Add street trees -Add street furniture (benches, trashcans, planters)  
      Mary Black Rail Trail Extension: Connects the Rail Trail to the heart of downtown and to the Palmetto Trail to the north.
      -Cost $582,460 -Add pedestrian refuge island and crosswalks to Henry St Converse Street Cycle Track: Creates physically separated bike lanes behind on-street parking along the entire length of Converse Street. This might be the first cycle track in South Carolina, and among the first in the South
      Cost: $147,033 Main Street Improvements: Remove the curves on Main Street
      -Cost: $391,786 -Remove chicanes -Replace street trees -Install new lighting Wall Street "Festival Street" : The concept of a 'festival street' is used in many other places, notably another Wall Street in nearby Asheville. Here's a streetview so you can get a sense of the concept... just on a larger scale.
      -Cost $210,375 -add pavers the full length of Wall Street  
      Magnolia Street Sidewalk Improvements: Install new trees in tree wells by removing a few parking spaces
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      -Cost: $190,417 -remove 2 travel lanes -Add Parking -Add bike lanes  
      St John Street Pedestrian Signal: This one would install a pedestrian-activated (HAWK) signal on St John St at Liberty Street. I'm not sure how this one will work, because the HAWK signal concept is intended for mid-block locations usully several hundred feet away from any intersection. But if they can figure out how to do it then it will be a great asset for that area.
      Cost: $75,000
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