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The Shops Buckhead Atlanta

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I saw how "specific" the Lenox Square/Phipps Plaza thread was, so I tried to do that in the old Streets of Buckhead thread.  But there are Buckhead developments in the SOB thread and development posts about The Shops Buckhead Atlanta in the Lenox Square/Phipps Plaza thread, so I  can spend an enormous amount of time making it development specific or find a way to seperate Buckhead Retail And Retail developments and then possibly a thread for Buckhead Developments other than retail or specific to that retail center. So what I would like to do is what makes the forum members the most satisfied.  So PM me and give me some valuable feedback. 


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The shops Buckhead Atlanta will be merged with Buckhead Atlanta ( fourmerly The Streets of Buckhead) thread into one umiform thread for developments SPECIFIC to The Shops Buckhead Atlanta . All other debelopments if not apart of a shopping complex, ie: Lenox Square, The Shops Around Lenox, Phipps Plaza or any other complex will be posted in Buckhead Developments. In time I will make The Perimeter-Dunwoody district, The Cumberland-Galleria District and Midtown and Downtown development specific and then an area in each for retail. If the retail thread becomes popular I may move that retail development to its own specific thread . Atlanta has gained the playful title of "Little LA" not so little anymore. 

I hope this will help the posters and cut down on the convusion and make the Atlanta Forum more user friendly. As always comments are more than welcome. Shoot me a PM and I promise to work with you . Ok this thread is ready for posting!






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