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An article on a topic highly similar to the one we were just discussing (this one dealing with Hampton Roads Ventures). :huh:



Let's face it. If even the entities that we create don't want to invest here then we're screwed. It's ridiculous that they're investing more money outside the area than inside.

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"Of the $250 million Hampton Roads Ventures had invested by the end of 2019, the last year federal records are complete, only $35.2 million was in Norfolk. Meanwhile, the housing authority’s subsidiary has funded projects in at least 15 states and the District of Columbia — grocery stores, health clinics, senior housing, a cotton mill, an aluminum plant and a hair gel company — everywhere, it seems, but Norfolk"

^^^I need to stop reading. This is burning me up and I shouldn't be mad on Christmas Day. :lol:

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29 minutes ago, mintscraft56 said:

Gravity 400 is underway. Also stop moving my messages into the gravity 400 post. 

We have a construction thread for a reason. I will move related posts to their corresponding threads as I see fit. Any further questions I would suggest taking it up via PM.

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17 hours ago, mintscraft56 said:

Theres no development. The city is flat lined and im not sure if we can climb out of it with the other cities fighting a popularity war. 

I wouldn’t say the city has flatlined, we are just in uncertain times with the only certain thing being residential demand. The issue with Norfolk  currently is we don’t have a fraim to use pull and promote us a major city with political connections. Putting my political opinion upfront I am a democrat but Norfolk and it’s council spend all of their council meetings on social welfare programs, bike lanes, reducing speed limits, putting nimbys first and saying no to positive developments. There needs to be a balance with some seeking economic growth.

current mayor is a joke has no follow through with projects or vision. 

I could be wrong though I’m biased 

Sude note I found this comedy skit set in Downtown Norfolk to change the mood 


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I'm not really sure where to put this but here seems it may be appropriate. 

The City of Norfolk is allowing people to volunteer for over 50 boards and commissions. Just pick one, to include the architectural review board, here https://norfolkva.granicus.com/boards/w/1e48a2452d0878d9/boards/  and submit your application.

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