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Stonewall Street Projects in 2nd Ward - Northwood Ravin, Proffitt Dixon, Walton Plaza

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From June 2009. Not the same city. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Walked through the Stonewall corridor yesterday, on my way to Dilworth... it was nice to finally cross over to the south side of the street at Caldwell.  

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3 minutes ago, tozmervo said:

I'm softening toward this project. It looks like they are taking time to address the particulars and nuance of the pedestrian experience around the building.

Agreed. Building is setback 22' off stonewall. I was REALLY impressed with the garage drive through thingy on Stonewall. You?

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1 hour ago, CharlotteWkndBuzz said:

That's awesome!  Skimmed over the article, but couldn't tell if they were starting the tower portion of apartments or the 4 story portion.  Also, really wish the tower portion could be condos.  We would buy one in a heartbeat bc of the location and the proximity to Midtown.

Entire thing is being built at once. The midrise will likely just open sooner.

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2 minutes ago, tozmervo said:

How do you mean? Site work is underway


Takes a while to clear and grade a site. Plus with the backlog on construction workers... Maybe they don't need to hurry, they might need to wait for another project to get further along.

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8 hours ago, enicideme said:

I've lived uptown for 16 years, and near Stonewall for the last year. Exciting to see the number of under-construction projects I can now see from my balcony. 500 N Morehead, YMCA expansion, Camden Grandview condos, Crescent Stonewall, Northwood Ravin, Actors Theatre. Very exciting! Pics taken this morning. 






Great pics! You have a front row seat to all the action. BTW, welcome to UP! 

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3 minutes ago, UPNoDa said:

 Wait...where is Crescent Stonewall Station in that last pic? Isn't the build out right up to South Blvd?

No Crescent Stonewall current construction is further down Stonewall. That corner will be the hotel sites including I think a Home2Suites by Hilton hotel  but it will be a part of the overall project. 

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