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    • By EastownLeo
      Looks like its coming if they can get investment.
      Where could a space like this be located?
      I have heard some rumors.
      Surprised this has not been mentioned.
    • By MTSUBlueraider86
      Here is the latest version of the Development Map. I have not listed the link for the larger older map because it became too unwieldy......Ron!

      http://www.skyscrape...Skyscraper News
      From Tim May
      project database for Nashville
      Historic Nashville, Inc. - http://www.facebook....ricnashvilleinc
      Save The Prison - page to help promote saving the historical TN St prison - http://www.facebook....anLandInstitute
      There are some other sites listed in other post. These are the main ones, but the list just got out of hand when combining all the sites.
    • By ledgerwm
      I did this post on the Grand Rapids Skywalk awhile back, and I just looked back at it and I realized, that I am missing a lot of information.  Specifically I am looking at some background and history on the Skywalk system in Grand Rapids.  How did it get started? Where was it started?  Why was it started?  That sort of thing.  I think it would be interesting to take a deeper look at this.  Also is the Skywalk a city initiative? Meaning do they fund and build it or is this built and paid for by the building owners themselves?  Or is it a combination of both?
      I also created this cool Bing Map which shows the Skywalk and identifies all the buildings that are attached to the skywalk.  I am telling you that Bird's Eye view on Bing is awesome.
      It also made me take a closer look at identifying the separate but unconnected skywalks on the Medical Mile and within the GRCC campus.  I never really thought of those examples either, but I guess I will throw those in as well. So if you have any information on those skywalk systems please let me know.
      Thanks for your help.