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Soccer in Nashville


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I remember, as a little hillbilly hooligan,  going to Fair Park and the public swimming pool there, called the Cascade Plunge, if my brain cells are firing on all the right circuits tonight. Very fancy, as I had only experienced swimming in creeks in rural southern middle Tennessee!

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46 minutes ago, Enashjon said:

Given the information is public as of the Sport Authority meeting today.  I will share that the MLS construction is ahead of schedule.  A request has been submitted to move the opening to April.  This will allow the team to play all their 2022 home games at the new  stadium.

Thanks for the encouraging info, Enashjon.  And welcome to the forum.  : )

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49 minutes ago, Titans10 said:


Big announcement (s) coming Monday morning at Nashville SC Stadium on the Fairgrounds. CEO Ian Ayre will be present. Fireworks loading #EveryoneN


naming rights!?


It might just be the news above that the stadium will be ahead of schedule and open with the season.

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It wouldn't shock me if naming rights will be announced as well. 

I received a tour of the facility and while I was asked not to share photos on social media (which I intend on respecting that request) I can say without a doubt this will be an incredible experience for fans and the club!

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