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Wegmans just announced their 6th store in the region in Holly Springs a 99xxx sq ft near the Lowes there.  Incredible since their first store has not even opened yet.  Subscriber article in TBJ h

Here is the marketing brochure for the shopping center and MXD in Wake Forest that will be anchored by Wegmans called Grove 98 https://www.foundrycommercial.com/core/fileparse.php/2530/urlt/Grove

the new west Cary store almost in Morrisville same layout almost exactly as north Raleigh store.  2 down and 3 more to go in Wake County. and Overture apartments a seniors only market rate apartm

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2 hours ago, DwnTwnRaleighGuy said:

Okay, I'll bite...

Why are you so excited about this store opening?

Maybe because it is much better than Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Kroger, and all the rest in this area? Not to mention they have high quality standards and carry some brands that I like that the other chains don't carry.

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It's an interesting part of town with a lot going on. You've got high end apartments on all sides. North Hills dictating things to the northwest and eventually all the way down St Albans to Wake Forest Rod north of this site. Trader Joes also is immediately north of this site. And yet this little corner with Lowes Foods and Applebees , including the Wegmans site, lacks the cache of the surrounding area. Maybe Wegmans tips the area in the direction of completely upper middle class fabric on all sides. All the way back to when Shaba Shabu opened, I have considered this area an extension of the downtown psyche because it tapped into Five Points blood via Whitaker Mill Road. The next ten years around here will be interesting (beside the fact I'll be older than dirt by then). 

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Redevelopment as Wegmans also removes an eyesore. The Alcatel site has been vacant for 15 years, perhaps longer. It dates to the 1950s, originally opened as ITT Kellogg (no relationship to the cereal) which was a telecom products company. It was one of several industrial developments in the 1950s on what was then the edge of civilization in northeast Raleigh. The Westinghouse plant that produced electric meters, closed years ago, was another example. This manufacturing boom in northeast Raleigh was prior to the founding of RTP.

By the early 1980s, ITT employed over 1,500 people at the site. But the crap hit the fan in the mid-1980s when 1,200 people at the site were laid off. A few years later, ITT sold what remained of its telecom products division to Alcatel, a French company. Today's successor to Alcatel is Nokia, and they still have a small office along Lead Mine Rd in north Raleigh.

At one time the ITT site was on the Superfund list, but it was remediated in the mid-1990s.

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the new west Cary store almost in Morrisville same layout almost exactly as north Raleigh store.  2 down and 3 more to go in Wake County.

and Overture apartments a seniors only market rate apartment complex easy stroll to Wegmans. 

Had to pick up some cookies I like here LOL 

was it Twin Lakes or Twin Pines in Back in the Future??  I think it was Twin Pines when they ran over the tree and it became Lone Pine. 






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from the Biz Journal today opening dates of the next 2 Wegmans in the Triangle in Chapel Hill and Wake Forest.   Cary's Fenton store is now underway not sure about the  Holly Springs store yet.

""The Chapel Hill location is set to open in late February at 1810 Fordham Blvd. The store started hiring for 165 full-time jobs in August and plans to employ nearly 450 workers in all. The Wake Forest store at 11051 Ligon Mill Road is scheduled to open in late May and will have around 200 full-time workers.""

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Chapel Hillians and Durhamites get ready to shop:

from the TBJ today:

TBJ Plus is pretty sure that Feb. 24 will be a big day. That's when the Chapel Hill Wegmans, with 99,000 square feet of space, will hold its grand opening, the Rochester, New York-based company said Monday, with the doors opening at 9 a.m.

The store is located at at 1810 Fordham Boulevard, northeast of downtown Chapel Hill and just west of Interstate 40.

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