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GVSU Downtown Development


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Those renderings make more sense (or maybe less :huh: ) of this picture. There must be elevation renderings floating around, because they had to make this banner from something:





Makes perfect sense now. The 2nd and 3rd floors are going to "float" over the 1st floor :blink:

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Well, it is an engineering school. It sorta reminds of a certain ex-President's library in Little Rock :whistling:

I think we have to cut them a little slack with the boxy-ness, because I'm sure part of the goal was to keep a similar architectural style so the expansion "blends in" to the original building, like when they added on to Mackinac Hall in Allendale a few years ago. Unfortunately, the original building there is pretty ugly. The glassy entrance looks fine, but I don't get the odd location for the windows or the blank brick wall on the lower left.

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I guess I don't have a problem with the boxyness of it. It just totally made me think of the Clinton Library (boxy with metal supports under it):

The NW elevation is definitely the best side (on Progressive's website). I just can't post if because of it being a FLASH file.

edit: OK, let's try a different picture:


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Regardless of your politico leanings, it that likeness to the Clinton Libary freakin weird or what? :blink: I'm not sure what made me think of it.

Yeah you're right it, on the one elevation it could be a Clinton Library twin. In concept I'm ok with it. I'll reserve judgement for some better drawings. I agree with an observation that was made further up the thread that it is an engineering school building after all.

I've heard that they are planning on a green roof for this building.


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New update:

They will be starting construction today. :) All the problems they had got worked out and everthings a go. Today they will be tearing up the parking lot and grass, and will be working on gas lines. I have the inside scoop on this one so I'll be able to give updates and everything as construction progresses.

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